[Exposed] The ONE survival scenario no one is talking about…
but EVERYONE needs to be prepared for...

When TSHTF Your First Instinct
Is To “Get The Hell Out Of Dodge,”
But What Do You Do When Bugging Out
Is Out Of The Question?

There are hundreds of reasons that leaving your home
in a crisis won’t be an option… are you prepared to bug
in and defend your home at all costs?

Say the word “disaster” and there is a good a chance the first thing that pops into your head are probably events like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, the Ebola scare, or the tornadoes and wildfires that have ripped through much of the country over the last couple of years.

The next and most dangerous thought most people have is:

“That will never happen to me.”

Most Americans think about disasters only in passing, or when it booms out over the nightly news…and then simply move on with their lives, leaving them unprepared and critically exposed.

But you are not “most Americans”, you have prepared….

Unfortunately there is something that you’ve forgotten… and it could wreak HAVOC on your survival plans.

You see,there are three glaring problems with this scenario.

First, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes are only 3 possibilities on a very long list of potential disasters.

Second, NO ONE is safe from disaster.

They happen to people like you, the nice neighbor next door, your friends and family across the country, and strangers in far off countries that you will never know.

Isn’t it amazing how human nature is such that we always think bad things will happen to everyone else and not us, like we are observers of life, rather than participants? We watch people on television suffering through the aftermath of a natural disaster and congratulate ourselves on being smart enough to live in an area where a disaster could not possible occur; right before we change the channel or go to sleep.

We are all optimistic; its part of our very nature and it is the ability to remain positive that allows us to thrive. However, when it comes to disaster planning, this optimism is one of the worst things to have. Depend on it and you are like an ostriches with your head in the sand.

When you review the numbers, it is clear that, as a whole, we have not learned anything from the slew of disasters that have struck our nation over the last few years.

Our optimism has clearly left us with a false sense of security.

  • 53% do not have at least a 3-day supply of water and nonperishable food at home
  • 55% believe that local authorities will be able to come to their rescue, if needed
  • 48% lack emergency supplies
  • 52% have not designated a family meeting place if an emergency separates members
  • 44% do not have first-aid kits
  • 37% do not have a list of prescription medications and 52% do not have copies of health insurance documentation

Contrary to popular belief; A disaster does not have to kill hundreds of people, destroy millions of dollars worth of property, displace thousands of residents, or destroy a city to be considered devastating. Most of the time disasters happen a lot closer to home. This includes events like:

  • Unemployment
  • Unstable economic conditions
  • Death of a loved one
  • Medical emergency that drains financial resources
  • Major auto breakdown
  • Mechanical failure of major household appliances like an air conditioner
  • House flood or fire

Unfortunately, We have developed an unreasonable faith in the ability of the overstretched, underfunded, overworked, and first responders.

We think that, during any emergency, we can just dial 911 and know that within minutes rescue will be on the way.

But the real truth is… That’s just not the case.

What if the phone doesn’t work and you can’t call 911?

What if the roads are closed or destroyed?

What if bugging out isn’t an option?

You need to be prepped and ready to ride out any storm in your own home at a moments notice without fear of being caught off guard.

You need a Home Survival Blueprint

And that my friend is the root of the problem…

You see most people focus all of their planning on bugging out.  But for many people, that just won’t work…

They have people with them( family, friends, loved ones, or even themselves) who simply can not make the journey out of a city on foot.

And I do mean on foot. Unless you have an early warning system in place, getting out in a vehicle is next to impossible…

The transit system can only hold 1% of the population at any given time before it fails… Imagine how bad it will get when EVERYONE is trying, desperately to escape the city… (and you thought rush hour was bad!)

This was the EXACT case with my family…

Hi, I’m Joe Marshall but you may know me as ‘Above Average’ Joe.

I am the chief editor of Survivallife.com

I have become well respected in the survival and preparedness community.

But that wasn’t always the case…

In fact, it took one catastrophic storm and the near loss of my ENTIRE family  to open my eyes and make me see just how important emergency planning really is…

What I’m about to share with you is incredibly embarrassing, and was the most humbling experience of my life, but I need to share it with you so you understand just how quickly things can go wrong.

And just how important your planning NOW is to the safety and security of your family.

It all started in September of 2005, inthe middle of Hurricane Rita when they didn’t get out in time...

They were forced to evacuate Houston… FAST

They had a bug out plan and the put it into action immediately.

They thought they had a disaster plan ready for anything... until they got a nasty dose of reality. You’ll probably spot some similar and potentially deadly mistakes lurking in your survival plan in a second, but here’s how it went for my Mom and Dad:

First the radiator in my stepmother’s car blew up...

Then, while they were trying to move everything over to my dads truck, they were threatened, had their window smashed and were robbed of the precious little water they were counting on get them through this…

When they did FINALLY manage to make it to “safety”...

They were forced into a tiny storm cellar already
packed with 15 other people. With no water, no
electricity, and very little food -
For OVER 168 hours

They HAD a bug out plan, and they used it…

And it turned out to be the WORST thing they could have done…

You see, the storm never even touched Houston… they would have been better off staying put.

But my dad was taught that bugging out was the only option.

And it almost got them killed…

I spent DAYS agonizing over whether or not they were even alive!

That’s not what I want for you, Not what I want for your family.

And I want to make damn sure that you never have to suffer through anything like this.

After that event left me reeling, I made a vow…

I would never let myself or my family be caught off guard again.

I Spent the next few years digging in, talking to experts, doing my own testing, researching, and building my own plan.

All of my research, everything that I have tested, tried, and done, has been compiled into one brain dead simple course.

It’s wrapped up into what I’m calling the Home Survival Blueprint. It’s a detailed home study program complete with in depth videos of everything that I’ve done to get my house in tip-top shape and ready for anything.

It’s designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

Now, before you see exactly what’s inside I want you to know that this information isn’t just from myself. A couple of my good friends and colleagues in fields like wilderness EMT, primitive and urban survival skills teachers, and even a Police Detective and martial arts master, have contributed some important elements to this course.

That means with this information you’re setup to learn the exact skills you need to fortify and defend your home NO MATTER WHAT.

Your family can count on you no matter what your age, no matter what kind of shape you’re in.

This is something that has taken me YEARS to put together.

But, it’s something you can start using TODAY.

You see I’ve broken it down into 4 easy to digest modules. This makes it brain-dead simple to use so that you can start implementing it RIGHT NOW (because tomorrow may already be too late).

Here’s Exactly What’s Inside
The Home Survival Blueprint:

The Home Survival Blueprint is THE step-by-step guide to protecting your family.

It contains 4 major components and has been ruthlessly edited so it weighs in at only 59 pages.

That means two very important things for you…

1)    NO FLUFF

Unlike a lot of other “Plans” available, you don’t have to waste any time getting the most important survival information available.
Packed inside are the 4 “pillars” you absolutely must take care of in order to keep your family safe.

Once you have your copy, here are a few of the most valuable highlights you’re going to want to tackle first:

You’re going to get your hands on this for less than $186.95. See, I’ve figured out a way to drastically slash the price.

And be sure to see the one simple tool that can get you instant access to all the government’s disaster information, so you know as much as they know in real time!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you claim your copy of the Home Survival Blueprint you’re going to get all its cutting-edge modules along with it.

First up in the Home Survival Blueprint is a pretty obvious one. No matter what happens you’ve got to have plenty of food. There’s nothing more demoralizing than having your kids or grandkids ask you “when dinner is going to be ready” and you have nothing to give them… Or even worse, that the food you DO have has already gone rancid, leaving you at risk of making your entire family sick…or worse!

Module 1:

The Top Secret Home
Stockpile Blueprint

Inside this module you’re going to get step-by-step checklists on creating your stockpile as fast as possible.

Follow this and your family will have the exact foods you need. This is especially good if you have kids or grandkids that are picky. Or a spouse who is getting up there in the years.

You’re also going to get the ultimate prepper meal plan to get your family started. This is the first thing you must do. But let me warn you: this is the inside scoop on how to healthy for less than $0.27 a meal, so you’ll have no excuse not to prepare!

Plus you’ll see which 29 items you absolutely must buy before the stores are ransacked – and on top of that with this tip you’ll discover the truth about getting the exact prescription medicine you need, instead of running out during a disaster.

And be sure not to miss the top foodstuffs you should buy – even if you HATE the taste! (These are useful for multiple things, and they’ll help you live like royalty in a disaster).

Plus you’ll uncover the tiny miracle of modern science that packs an incredible 2,400 calories in each pound. With just one of these you can easily feed a grown man for a day and a half! (By the way, this isn’t some gross tasting food – it tastes just like grandmas cookies!)

This information is especially important for anybody who is not in perfect shape but is still serious about keeping their home and kids or grandkids safe.

But here’s the thing: After you’ve got food taken care of, you’re not even close to being out of the woods. Without water you’re going to be down for the count as soon as a disaster hits, especially if you have kids…

Module 2:

The 2 Hour Water Purification Manual

That’s why Module 2: The 2 Hour Water Purification Manual is so important.

Now you might think that this is a pretty self-explanatory section. But the truth is with all the shows like Doomsday Preppers out there, people have been fed a lot of misinformation.

In fact, maybe you’ve been fooled by some of these. Do you know how long water needs to boil to be purified? Or what the best plant to get water from is?

Do you know the truth about drinking saltwater?

Or which plastic bottles are good to store water in… and which ones could make you incredibly sick?

You’ll probably be surprised to find the answer to these questions. So the first section you need to read is 10 Water Myths Exposed.

Also, if you want to know how to purify water exactly like the best survival experts in the world – the US military, be sure not to miss the step-by-step instructions inside this module.

These guys are in life-or-death situations regularly and really know the importance of clean water, so this is information you can’t afford to miss!

And you’ll get no-holds-barred information on the exact chemicals to use if you absolutely need to get water purified fast…. Just in case boiling is not an option

I’ll also show you the “little blue-and-white bottle” that can make your water last for 5 years or more and remain 100% clean and fresh.

But if you read nothing else, be sure to checkout the facts about how many times your water really needs to be treated. (I’ll give you a hint: it’s more than once!)

And you need to get the real DIRTY truth about your tap water. The fact is, the University of Arizona estimates that about 10.7 million infections occur each year in America from untreated or contaminated water. That means if you’re not using these water purification secrets you could be at risk even at the best of times.

But here’s the thing: if all you know how to do is purify water, sure, you’re STILL better off than most people.

But there’s one  MAJOR catch. It doesn’t matter how well you can defend your stockpile if you’re still dependent on the grid to keep everything running smoothly.

If you’re paying a power bill every month, the government has a “mini-monopoly” over your life, and could literally flip the switch and turn it off any time it chooses.

Module 3:

The Energy Independence
Quick Start Guide

That’s why Module 3: The Energy Independence Quick Start Guide is so important.

Inside this module you’ll uncover the truth about how to take your home off-grid using the ultimate “free power duo”. And my top sources to get the parts you need as cheap as possible.

Plus, be sure to checkout the truth behind Nikola Tesla’s long forgotten generator. This resurfaced after 89 years of being hidden by corporate fat cats like J.P. Morgan (the Bill Gates of his time).

This generator works by using nature’s largest possible fusion reaction and pumps out a surprising amount of energy. That said, these plans have one fatal flaw that you aren’t going to want to miss.

And if you’re serious about going off-grid you’ve got to see truth behind the legendary Johnson Engine. The history alone on this machine is astounding.

Johnson was one of the only men I know of who fought the U.S. patent office… and won. But there’s a dark side to this story that you need to hear before relying on the machine for any of your power…

This module also reveals why you should NEVER pay full price for solar panels and installation, unless you’ve got $10,000 to $15,000 you’re looking to flush down the tubes.

Plus you’ll get immediate access to the essentials you need to get started with off-grid power as soon as possible.

Now, with off-grid power systems going from $10,000 and up it’d be easy to imagine this module was one of the most expensive in the Home Survival Course. But that’s just not the case.

These 4 modules are the rock solid foundation that every American needs to protect his spouse, kids and grandkids from any of the impending disasters.

But you’re still missing one the most CRUCIAL elements that is incredibly vital to your survival… especially if you will be stockpiling ANY supplies…

When the rest of the world can tell you’ve got plenty of water (think about it, just walking around while every one else is near death from dehydration will be like walking around with a bulls eye on your back!, you and your family are going to become a target.

All it takes is for ONE of these thugs to follow you home… and your security is instantly compromised.

Which means you need to know how to defend yourself and your family from whatever the world can throw at you… and you don’t have years to train.. you need REAL, actionable defense methods that will take out an attacker and get you out of harms way quickly and effectively.

Module 4:

Desperate Fighters Only! Barely Street-Legal Ways To Protect Your Home & Family From Thugs,
Disasters & Martial Law

That’s why you’re also going to get Module 4: Desperate Fighters Only! Barely Street-Legal Ways to Protect Your Home & Family From Thugs, Disasters & Martial Law.

This module is vital for anyone who may not have decades of training in martial arts and is especially useful for those of us who aren’t in as great a shape as we once were.

In fact, with the information inside it’s almost better if you aren’t super fit. No one will think you’re a threat and that “young punk” won’t see you coming until it’s too late.

For this module I was able to talk my friend and criminal research expert, and 25+ year active duty law enforcement officer, Detective John M. Landry, Ph. D. to reveal some of the darkest secrets for defending yourself, your kids or grandkids and your home from any thug trying to do you harm.

But let me warn you, these aren’t strategies to “win” a fight if you’re looking to walk into a boxing ring and walk out with a title. No, these are tactics to take out an attacker, free you from harm, and let you get away as fast as possible with little to no chance of injury.

The real truth is…

This is YOUR LIFE… Not a boxing match. You don’t win… you survive.

You need to know exactly how to stop an attacker – whatever it takes. Not score points.

That’s why inside this module you’re going to uncover...

  • The “D.A.R.E” acronym that will make it practically brain-dead simple to remember the exact steps to follow if you want to be a force to be reckoned with in a battle (no matter if you’ve got a few extra pounds or are in the best of shape of your life).
  • Plus, the one trick to make up for slow reflexes. With this bad guys will think you can practically see the future, but it’s as natural as breathing once you get it down.
  • And you’ll learn why the myth that “you shouldn’t resist an attacker” could be the worst possible course of action! I’ll give you a hint: this leaves you helpless and completely in the power of the vicious thug that is coming at you!
  • Plus one officer-recommended trick to get out of a dangerous situation as fast as possible, and keep yourself from risking jail for pulverizing your attacker!
  • Along with the first phone call you should make as soon as you escape.
  • And the natural, God-given weaponry you’ve got that can take down an attacker before he knows what hit him. (Let me warn you, this isn’t flashy – you don’t even have to be able to punch, and definitely don’t have to be “in shape”).
  • Plus the deadly truth about “the karate chop” – I was blown away that this wasn’t something from the movies!
  • On top of that, be sure not to miss the three “target zones” to aim for if and only if you’re dead set on disabling the bad guy getting away scot free– old or young. (Oh yeah, you’ll also see why NEVER to attack zone 2).

Now I’ve got to admit, self-defense courses are some of the most expensive out there. In fact, one course John personally recommends, runs for $427. But don’t even think about paying that right now. That’s exactly why you’re going to get this module as part of the Home.

But That's Not All I'm Going To Give You!

You see, the thing is, whether you’re an experienced prepper, or you’ve just started down this path and this is your first attempt to become more prepared for disaster, you need to make these preparations FAST.

You don’t have time to waste!

That’s why, when you claim your copy of the Home Survival Blueprint today you’re also going to get a set of exclusive free bonuses to complete your collection and get you secured in a matter of hours… Absolutely FREE.

“I’m pulling out all the stops, so you
NEVER have to go through what I did…”
That's why I’m including my exclusive:

“72 Hour Quick Start Guide”

The most common disasters typically last no more than 72 hours. But if you’re not in the best health or have children or grandchildren to worry about that could be bad news.

It could be much longer than that…. But consider this your quick start milestone.

Until you have a minimum of 72 hours worth of supplies, you are completely exposed and unprepared

Imagine, no power, running water or security system for a full 72 hours. It’s not a pretty picture and it can get a lot worse…very quickly.

But here’s the thing: if your preparations aren’t covert enough and other people know you have them, it’s almost as bad as not preparing at all. So be sure to use the “undercover” tricks inside keep your preps away from prying eyes.

And if you’ve ever wondered about exactly what you need to get started as quick as possible this guide will clear up any confusion.

Oh yeah, in case you’re curious what kind of training you need to use all of this knowledge, the answer is none.

It’s a simple, step by step instructional guide, that will have you fully prepped and ready in a matter of hours… if you play your cards right.

There’s one catch though. The sad truth is most people have food stockpiling all wrong. To make sure you don’t make these fatal errors I’m also going to give you the bonus…

“14 Catastrophic Stockpiling Mistakes!”

Since there’s nothing more demoralizing than having a full stock of food that you lose just because you made a little-known or never-talked about mistake I want to show you the top 14.

Including, the one type of food NEVER to purchase (even if it’s on sale) – this is different depending on where you’re from so please read this closely – it’s mistake #1.

Plus, never ignore the one factor that can be the difference between your food being nothing but a spoiled pile of roach-chow and feeding your family comfortably for days (this is mistake #6).

On top of that steer clear of mistake #7. If you make this mistake it’ll be impossible to cook anywhere from 25% to 75% of the food you’ve got stockpiled (and no, this isn’t “remember cooking fuel.”)

And be sure not to make this one easy-to-do blunder when you’re figuring out how to package your food. (I’ll give you a hint: it’s not what type of plastic container you need). Be sure to read mistake #12 to get the full details.

But before we go on, there’s one more key gap in your survival plan you should know about. While I wish we lived in a world where we didn’t have to lock our doors that just isn’t the case. You owe it to your spouse, kids and grandkids to keep them safe.

But as we speak you could be unknowingly sabotaging their safety. Most Americans are practically inviting crooks and thieves into their homes and are absolutely clueless about the danger.

That’s why you’re going to get:

“10 Fatal Home Defense Mistakes”

...absolutely-FREE, when you claim your copy of the Home Survival Blueprint.

Inside you’ll be shocked to uncover how many mistakes you and your neighbors are making.

These could CRIPPLE all of your preps and make you a sitting duck when TSHTF.

Be sure to pay close attention to mistake #9 – the one home improvement tool NEVER to leave in your yard.

And don’t miss the brain-dead simple blunder that can render your ENTIRE home security system completely useless! (This is mistake #5).

Along with the one mistake that can practically GUARANTEE your home is broken into when you’re away. (This is mistake #7 – and while it might seem like it’s helpful to friends and family is just setting you up for failure… or worse.)

Plus the number one danger of having a beautiful yard… Please, do NOT make mistake #3 or you could come home to a very unwelcome surprise.

With the 4 modules plus these free bonuses you’ll know enough to protect your spouse, kids or grandkids in any situation that arises.

It’s all broken down step-by-step, how to stockpile your food, where to get water, surefire ways to defend your family, how to power your home so you’re completely off-grid and a 72 hour quick start guide to get you started.

Plus you’ll uncover which potentially fatal mistakes never to make in hoarding your food or protecting your home.

Now, one thing a lot of people are probably wondering about is the price. I had to put some real thought into my experiences to try and figure out what a fair price would be.

Well, I thought back and when I was separated from my family during the crisis.

I was ready to do whatever it took to keep them safe - even if it meant spending $4,000 or $5,000 on gear or hiring a private investigator.

My guess is you’re the same way. If the worst happened and you were separated from your family... you wouldn’t think twice about spending $5,000 to get them back safe.

So it’d make sense to pay $5,000 to get the blueprint that can keep your family from ever getting separated... An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

But even though that’s how much this life-saving information is worth I just wouldn’t feel right charging anywhere NEAR that.

I know what it’s like to be in a situation where you’re terrified for your family’s life... and I don’t want you or anyone else to go through that.

So I’m going to give it to you for just a little more than it costs to produce and spread the word.

I’ve spent years researching and putting together all of this information, spent countless hours re reading and comparing notes… Heck I’ve even sold these modules individually… and they were worth EVERY penny in a crisis.

In fact, Let’s do a line-by-line breakdown to show you exactly what you’re getting and exactly what you’re saving:

You’re going to get your hands on this for less than $186.95.
See, I’ve figured out a way to drastically slash the price.

By giving you instant access to a private digital members area I can save quite a bit on printing costs and I can pass all of that savings on to you.

So by claiming your copy of the electronic version, the final price for all 4 modules of the Home Survival Blueprint training bundle plus the three free bonuses guide is just $37 - that’s almost $160 bucks less than the line-by-line total of $186.95 you just saw.

(And don’t worry; you can print out each of these reports and guides to keep in your own personal library for if and when the grid does go down)

Now I realize that you might not be 100% sure this is for you. After all you could be wondering “how do I know this would work in my town” or “I don’t live in a big city so maybe this isn’t for me”...

Or maybe you live in an apartment you might think there is no possible way for me to do all of these preparations.

And if you’re like most people, maybe you just don’t want to worry about your family thinking you’re being overprotective or taking things too seriously...

Well, I’m going to give you a full 30 days to take this system, test it out and even use the checklists to prepare your family.

And if you don’t feel like the Home Survival Blueprint has shown you EXACTLY how to secure, fortify, and defend your home and prepare your for any and every disaster, I want to give you your money back.

All it takes is a simple email or phone call. And in fact, I’ll even let you keep every single one of the modules scot-free just for trying them out.

There are no loopholes, you don’t have to jump through any hoops, and you don’t even have to give me a reason. Just let me know that it’s not for you and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

And just so there’s no confusion, here’s my guarantee spelled out:

30-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back
Triple Guarantee...

Take advantage of my 30-Day Unconditional 100% Money-Back Triple Guarantee…Here’s how it works…

Try out the Home Survival Blueprint for a full 30 days…

If you don’t see the value inside this in depth guide to fortifying and securing your home, your family, and your future…

If you don’t feel safer…

Or if you just don’t like the way I talk, – the look of the cover pages – or anything else about the system…

Just call, write or send an email to support and I’ll make sure that you promptly and courteously receive every penny of your investment back fast…

AND I’ll even let you keep the entire system…

Because I believe in the Home Survival Blueprint THAT MUCH!

And I know you will too.

I know I’m taking a risk, but I’m willing to do that if it will help you secure your family’s future.

The choice is clear and easy.

And it’s yours to make.

Claim Your Home Survival Course
Right Now for Just $37

YES, I want in! I want access to your “Home Survival Course” training, blueprint and all of the bonuses right now. Please give me INSTANT access!

Price Today: $186.95 $97.00
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“WARNING: This Is Your Last Chance!”

Time is running out.

You can choose to do nothing - and the responsibility will be yours alone when disaster strikes...

Or you can do the only responsible thing and claim your copy of The Home Survival Blueprint NOW and start down a path that I guarantee you won’t regret...

Look, I don’t want anyone to go through what my family did in that hurricane…

It’s obvious you’re serious about protecting your family or else you would not have made it this far down the page.

So what are you waiting for?

You have ZERO RISK.

But if you decide NOT to act right now, you could be risking everything!

Don’t wait for a disaster happens to get started. You have time RIGHT NOW, but that can and will change in an instant.

Remember, I’m taking all of the risk here…

If you want your money back for any reason in the next 30 days, just send me an email (or if you want you can call me), and my team will get your refund processed ASAP.

And like I said, I’ll even let you keep your access to the entire system, simply because I believe it is THAT important for you to have this information NOW.

Sure, some people are going to take advantage of me, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take…

Is NOT having this information one that you are willing to take?

Click the orange add to cart button now.